Outsourcing conference to create 100 PH jobs in 8 hours

Webinar to promote PH outsourcing, aims to create 100 jobs in a day

The outsourcing marketplace and advisory, Outsource Accelerator, will be launching the North American Edition of the Outsourcing Summit 2020 (OS2020) on October 8th 2020.

The full-day event promises to generate 100 new jobs for outsourcing professionals in just one day.  The event will be attended by 2,000 business owners and employers across North America who are there to learn about and explore outsourcing for their business.   The conference aims to take prospective businesses ‘behind the scenes’ of the world-class Philippine outsourcing industry and give them the understanding and insight they need to try outsourcing.

OS2020 promises to be a unique immersive virtual summit for an inside view of the outsourcing sector, which will feature live interactive walk-through BPO tours and panel discussions. The summit will discuss how the outsourcing industry can provide businesses with the cost savings and solutions they need to rebuild their businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outsourcing Summit 2020 – responding to the new normal

The Outsourcing Summit 2020 has been launched in response to the current economic climate and the fast-changing needs of both the Philippine outsourcing community and the SME businesses of North America.   COVID-19 has caused severe economic hardship to businesses across the globe, and so are seeking ways that they can slash costs whilst at the same time rebuild their business.  Outsourcing is the perfect solutions for this situation, however, not enough businesses across the world are really aware of the Philippine outsourcing sector and how it can help them.  Conversely, the Philippine outsourcing industry has been hampered in its efforts to connect with prospective clients across the globe as air travel, conferences and business expos have all been cancelled.  This perfect storm has left Philippine outsourcing with few opportunities to connect with and educate foreign businesses and locators.

Outsourcing Summit 2020 sneak peek
Outsourcing Summit 2020 sneak peek

The Outsourcing Summit is a full-day event with six sessions including three live outsourcing BPO walk-through tours.  The OS2020 promises to deconstruct the often mysterious and opaque outsourcing industry and provide unparalleled insight and understanding into the different service models, price structures and standards.

Event speakers include outsourcing industry leaders and experts, including Don Felbaum (AmCham & Optel), Dir. Senen Perlada (DTI), Rey Untal (IBPAP), Tim Vorbach (EMAPTA), Lloyd Ernst (Cloudstaff) and others.

OS2020 – 100 jobs in 8 hours

The event promises to generate 100 new roles for 100 new outsourcing customers on the day – which is an industry-first.  Outsource Accelerator’s CEO, Derek Gallimore commented that “the event aims to demystify outsourcing for small and medium-sized businesses around the world and provide clear insight, first-hand experience, and actionable information. The Summit encourages businesses to start their outsourcing journey ‘today’, and so it is giving away some fantastic risk-free deals that enable businesses to confidently take the next step and try outsourcing”.

The introductory outsourcing packages will only be available on the day of the OS2020.  The introductory packages are fulfilled by industry-leading outsourcing companies and are fully backed and accredited by Outsource Accelerator.

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For more information on the Outsourcing Summit, read more here.

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