Accenture to buy cybersecurity services unit of Symantec

Accenture Security announced that it will buy Symantec’s Cyber Security Services unit from Broadcom, the latest in its acquisition spree in the threat intelligence and cybersecurity fields that have already included such firms as Déjà vu Security, iDefense, Maglan, Redcore, Arismore, and FusionX. The Symantec deal is expected to be completed in March.

Accenture Security’s newest acquisition signals its intention to become one of the leading players in the managed security services sector. Julie Sweet, Accenture’s CEO, said that with Symantec’s Cyber Security Services business, Accenture Security will provide one of the most comprehensive managed services for global businesses to detect and manage cybersecurity threats aimed at their organizations. Sweet noted that cybersecurity has become one of the most important business imperatives for all businesses regardless of industry or geographic location.

Accenture hopes to provide clients with a more personalized cybersecurity service once the acquisition is complete. Kelly Bissell, senior managing director at Accenture Security, said the acquisition will allow them to offer clients combined expertise tailored to their industry.

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