Acer notes disruptions following PH quarantine

The Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine has resulted in the unplanned disruptions to Acer’s contact center operations in the Philippines. In a statement to customers, Acer said its contact centers in the Philippines are understaffed as a result of the quarantine edict.

“We understand and realize that while the global coronavirus pandemic and mandatory lockdown is outside of our control, this has regrettably affected our ability to service our customers,” Acer told customers. The government has ordered BPO firms to provide transport or temporary shelter for workers.

Flat Planet, a Manila-based outsourcing company, has managed to find housing for many of its employees, while also lending laptops to those who have not been accommodated.

The company’s founder, Chris Moriarty, said the temporary housing for workers is close to Flat Planet’s offices and that the workers do not encounter checkpoints.

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