Bank urges PEZA to digitize amid lockdown

Bank urges PEZA to digitize amid lockdown

The Bank of the Philippine (BPI) said that employing digital platforms will make the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) locators and companies more equipped to adjust, survive, and grow despite the current crisis.

“While much of our country’s economic activity is centered in the capital, the lockdowns have brought the importance of businesses and manufacturing bases in our special economic zones in sharp focus… Now, digital capabilities can open new frontiers for business and level up clients’ and partners’ customer experience,” said BPI’s corporate banking head Juan Carlos Syquia.

Syquia also pointed out digital banking has become crucial to PEZA locators amid lockdown measures and limited workforce, adding that demand for such increased technology-dependent industries during the community quarantine period.

These include business process outsourcing, manufacturing and aviation, BPI said.

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