Bill to protect BPO workers pushed by senator

Bill to protect BPO workers pushed by senator

Senator Leila de Lima filed Senate Bill No. 2149, a bill that seeks to ensure the welfare and safety of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) workers in the country. 

Sen. De Lima noted that BPO employees “continue to face overly stressful workload due to impossibly high performance standards, inadequate restroom breaks and sudden changes in shift schedules that take a serious toll on their health.”

Further, according to the senator, the bill “aims to institutionalize more equitable arrangements to protect both labor and capital so that this industry will continue to thrive – this time in a robust environment that balances both the interests and welfare of employers and employees.”

The bill provides access to relevant information, protection from understaffing or overloading, additional benefits to promote the safety, health, and overall well being of BPO employees. Once passed, the bill will also provide security of tenure and prohibition of the floating status.

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