Co-working spaces expected to thrive post-pandemic

Co-working spaces expected to thrive post-pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to settle for flexible setups and work from home arrangements, providing an uncertain future for co-working spaces. In an interview with The Philippine Tatler, Arch Offices’ managing partner and Booth & Partners CEO Carmen Booth noted that “for those that survive the crisis, I believe co-working and serviced offices will thrive post-pandemic.”

Co-working was becoming popular in the Philippines, right before the pandemic hit. According to Booth, companies will still need to have a physical space after COVID-19. She said, “I still think that this trend of the abolishment of the office is more of a Western world luxury. For the most part in Southeast Asia, we’re in a region where tech infrastructure and accessibility is not as equally balanced, although this continues to rapidly improve.”

Further, Booth added that “all businesses can benefit from a serviced office or co-working space.” While these are more associated with startups, it’s something that established businesses can also benefit from, said Booth.

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