Build trust and presence when selling your services

Derek Gallimore, founder of Outsource Accelerator, spoke about the ways to sell a business globally in a recent Payoneer Forum held in Manila last December. 

“The key to any business is getting people through the sales funnel,” Derek first stated. He also enumerated the things businesses need to catch their audience’s attention. This includes focusing on their strengths, building trust, and building an online presence.

>> Watch full video of event here

Derek Gallimore then explored the needs for Philippine outsourcing industry to follow these same business fundamentals, so that outsourcing suppliers are seen as trustworthy, dependable, low friction and excellent value. He spoke about how Outsource Accelerator thrives to be the premier marketplace for outsourcing.

The Payoneer Forum – attended by business experts, entrepreneurs, and BPOs – aimed to promote and propagate global outsourcing for SMEs and startups.