Filipinos best executive talent in terms of outsourcing

International clients in the outsourcing industry continue to seek Filipinos because they are the best executive talent in terms of outsourcing, according to Derek Gallimore, founder of Outsource Accelerator. Gallimore noted that Filipinos are highly qualified, possess fantastic English-language skills, and have been performing outsourcing tasks the longest.

While the country’s BPO industry continues to be the preferred destination for overseas investors even amid changing business demands due to digital transformation, it also faces several challenges. One of the industry’s key challenges is bigger firms tending to buy-in the smaller sectors, which affects the industry dynamics, experts said. However, this should be considered an advantage so that local suppliers of products, platforms, and services can gain a foothold in the market.

Gallimore said the challenge for key players lies in keeping the Philippine SME-BPO industry globally competitive. Nicki Agcaoili, executive director of IBPAP, said efforts from both the organization and its employees should be mutual for the industry to be globally competitive, including investing in employee training and incentivizing employees.

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