India’s FDI rose to $81.72bn from last year’s $74.39bn

India’s FDI rose to $81.72bn from last year’s $74.39bn

India recorded a ‘new high’ of US$81.72 billion of investment during FY 2020-2021, a ten percent climb from the previous financial year’s US$74.39 billion, according to the latest foreign direct investment (FDI) data released by the Ministry of Commerce.

The country’s FDI equity inflow is responsible for the US$59.64 billion of the total investments. A major proportion of the inflow was received during the first nine months of FY21 – or from April to December 2020

This financial year, Singapore was named as India’s top investor. The Southeast Asian powerhouse contributed to 29% of India’s FDI inflow, amounting to US$15.71 billion. The United States and Mauritius were the second and third highest investors in India, respectively.

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