PH has slowed down coronavirus spread – UP expert

PH has slowed down coronavirus spread – UP expert

The Philippines has slowed down the spread of the new coronavirus, but it is not anything to be excited about, said University of the Philippines (UP) OCTA Research’s Dr. Guido David. UP OCTA Research is an independent interdisciplinary research group composed of UP faculty members and graduates.

In a television interview, Dr. David said that the local reproduction number of SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19, had gone down to less than one per cent. “It is decreasing, and that is very good news. It means we are sustaining the flattening of the curve,” said David.

Another indication of the slowdown is the decrease in the positivity rate. David said that the country was averaging more than 4,000 cases in mid to late August, “and now we’re averaging 3,000.”

However, David advised the public not to be “overly excited” about the development, adding that “we have to keep doing the right things and not falter.”

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