SME-BPO industry has potential to create 30 million new jobs

Derek Gallimore Outsource Accelerator - 30m more jobs

At least 30 million new jobs could likely be created by the country’s SME-BPO industry if it continues to be globally competitive, according to a Manila Bulletin report that quoted an industry insider.

Quoting Derek Gallimore, founder of Outsource Accelerator, the report said the new jobs, which would be on top of, and dwarf, the existing 1.2 million jobs, could truly transform the country and its economy.  He cited a recent white paper which explores the future potential of outsourcing. The challenge, however, is keeping the industry globally competitive, said Gallimore at the recent Payoneer Forum in Manila.

The country’s BPO industry has already cemented its unique position in the global arena and keeping its competitive advantage will be crucial. The industry comprises 851 registered BPO companies employing more than 1.2 million people.

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