Accenture forecast to gain record USD4.37bn in year to August 2018

Accenture blue

Global IT and outsourcing firm Accenture is expected to add more than USD4.37bn in incremental revenue in the fiscal year ending August 2018, which will be the highest growth in new revenues for an IT outsourcing company in the past 20 years. The firm follows a September-to-August financial year. According to reports, Accenture is forecast to report revenue between USD9.8bn to USD10.05bn in the June-August quarter, with its full year revenue expected to come in at between USD39.22bn to USD39.47bn, representing an increase of 12.5% to 13.26%. Driving Accenture’s performance is its strong consulting practice and payback on its aggressive investments in recent years in new digital technologies such as cloud computing, data analytics and design capabilities. Accenture is one of the very few IT and outsourcing companies that has added more than USD2bn in new business in a single year. In 2015, Cognizant managed USD2.15bn billion in incremental revenue growth, while Mumbai-based TCS added USD2bn in new business in the year ended March 2015.

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