Accenture rolls out Newspage 9 with SAP

Accenture announced that it has launched Accenture NewsPage 9 with SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA. Accenture NewsPage is an integrated distributor management and sales automation tool that helps consumer product firms better manage traditional trade channels, promotions, and sales processes.

Accenture said the NewPage 9 can offer an integrated view of consumer trends, secondary demand, and supply chain management signals to help firms thrive in the experience economy and speed up growth in Asia-Pacific and Africa. Fabio Vacirca, senior managing director and products operating unit lead for Asia-Pacific and Africa at Accenture, said Accenture NewsPage 9, which was developed on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA service, will create a single source of customer data, with machine learning and microservices that power real-time sales execution.

Vacirca added that Accenture’s partnership with SAP will allow consumer products firms to better capture new consumption in untapped traditional trade and complex, multi-layer supply chains, ultimately gaining revenue and profitability.

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