Accenture to invest US$1bn in upgrading employees’ digital skillset

Accenture to Invest US$1bn in Upgrading Employees’ Digital Skillset

Accenture, the Dublin-headquartered tech services firm, has announced plans to allocate US$1bn per annum to reskilling its employees in order to ensure it can meet the growing demand for advanced technology-led services from its client base. According to the firm, almost 80% of its technology services workers have been trained in such new technologies as data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing – areas broadly known as digital technology.

Furthermore, it also maintained that more than 60% of its US$43.2bn annual revenue now comes from its provision of digital services, with almost 55% of its employees delivering technology services on a worldwide basis. Outlining the company’s priorities, Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive of Accenture Technology Services, said technology was big business for much of its current client base, with its high level of new technology-adept staff helping clients manage their own digital transformations. Accenture is among a number of companies worldwide, including Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro and TCS, that have reinvented their delivery models in order to focus on digital technology solutions for their clients.

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