Access to information key challenge to contact centers

Contact centers’ biggest challenge is being able to access critical information, according to a survey by knowledge management solutions provider KMS Lighthouse. The research revealed that employees spend between 30 minutes and two hours seeking information required to perform their tasks, an unacceptable scenario for customer-facing representatives.

The research also found that only one in ten executives and managers are satisfied with the availability of important information to their customer contact employees. The report suggests that information should be made available at employees’ fingertips such that they can address customer requests and inquiries faster. Moreover, while representatives spend an average of ten minutes per customer, about 35% of calls require escalation to more specialized groups, said the report.

The survey’s findings highlighted the rising need for improved processes technology as contact center representatives find themselves increasingly dealing with more difficult customer issues. The report said dealing with more complicated issues requires improved people skills and a sharper understanding of business priorities.

It added that centralized knowledge management becomes crucial to give employees a similar central location available both during training and during real-time interactions.

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