Businesses adapt to ‘new normal’ and workplace changes

With the lockdowns all over the country getting gradually lifted, businesses may question how their organization’s “new normal” setup is going to be like.

According to Lenovo’s global study “Changing Workplace Dynamics,” almost 90 per cent of workers are “somewhat ready” to make the shift to working from home (WFH), since the pandemic has already encouraged (46%) or required (26%) companies to do so.

The survey asked over 1,000 employees in five markets (United States, China, Japan, Germany and Italy) who are working in large companies (with offices in two or more countries).

As businesses shift to “the new normal,” leaders may wonder about their workers’ productivity at home. Lenovo’s research revealed that 46 per cent of the employees under the WFH arrangement said they find themselves just as productive in such setup, while 15 per cent said they are even more productive at home.

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