Calabrio’s self-scheduling software aims to enhance contact center oversight

Calabrio, a Minneapolis-headquartered developer of workplace engagement software, has launched Self-Scheduling, a new system designed to give contact center agents the flexibility to change their schedules and reduce managers’ monitoring and request handling workloads. According to the company, the new technology, an extension of its existing Calabrio Workforce Management platform, helps contact center agents with optimization planning, intraday automation and self-scheduling, while enhancing human interactions within contact centers and keeping track of overall employee performance.

Essentially, via Self-Scheduling, which is available via the cloud or on-site and accessible via a desktop or mobile app, call agents will be able to alter their schedules without impacting on the overall level of contact center service. According to Calabrio, its new system has a range of benefits for businesses, including reducing employee turnover rates (thus cutting down on recruitment and onboarding costs), automatic staff performance checks against key performance indicators, service-level agreements and skills requirements; and the facility for managers to oversee the contact center environment without the need for extensive manual monitoring.

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