Chief digital officers emerge as outsourcing spending decision-makers

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New research conducted by Everest Group shows that chief digital officers (CDOs) are fast becoming the outsourcing spending decision-makers of enterprises. Currently, chief information officers, chief operations officers and chief finance officers control the largest budget center for outsourcing services. The Everest report, however, noted that CDO is the fastest-growing budget center for outsourcing services and is becoming an influential C-suite executive in future outsourcing initiatives. This shift in influence to a CDO-controlled buying center bodes well not only for enterprise transformation initiatives but also for service providers who are positioning themselves as valued partners in the transformation process, the report added. Additionally, the Everest report said industry optimism is high and rising, and employees of outsourcing service providers are optimistic and excited about their bonus potential. The report was based on a recent survey of leading global outsourcing service providers, Everest said.

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