COVID-19, digitalization ‘double whammy’ for Filipino workers

COVID-19, digitalization ‘double whammy’ for Filipino workers

More than 18 million workers in the Philippines are affected by the dual destructive impact of digitalization and COVID-19 disruption, as related by “COVID-19 Labor Market Impact in the Philippines: Assessment and Policy Responses,” a study by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

According to the study, examples of occupations that are considered collapsing because of their exposure to destructive digitalization and COVID-19 job disruption include the real estate sector and administrative and support service activities. 

Also classified as collapsing occupations are those in accommodation and food services and arts, entertainment and recreation, as well as financial and insurance activities and professional and technical activities.

With the massive job disruptions in the country, the ILO study has urged for effective and appropriate national policy responses. ILO has proposed four pillars: stimulating the economy and employment; supporting enterprises, jobs and incomes; protecting workers in the workplace; and relying on social dialog for solutions.

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