Global review lauds Cognizant’s software product engineering services

Global Review Lauds Cognizant’s Software Product Engineering Services

Cognizant has been designated a leader in the software product engineering services sector in a new report by the Everest Group, the Texas-headquartered global management consultancy. The report Software Product Engineering Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2019: Engineering for the Digital Worldevaluated 25 services providers around the world and singled out New Jersey-headquartered Cognizant for its ability to identify and deliver solutions. It also scored highly for its project management skills, particularly with regard to contracting, provision of niche skills, staff motivation strong vertical / domain expertise and its facility for incorporating both its proprietary systems and industry standard frameworks into client-appropriate products / solutions.

Outlining the strategy that underpinned the company’s success, Malcolm Frank, president of Cognizant Digital Business, said by combining its expertise in the customer experience sector with the latest innovations in machine learning, artificial intelligence, the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), it had played a key role in transforming how many of its clients conceive, develop and deliver business outcomes. Adding his own take as to why the company had stood out, Akshat Vaid, the vice-president of the Everest Group, said Cognizant’s investments in talent, solutions, ecosystem partnerships and strategic acquisitions – particularly with regard to IoT and customer experience – ensured that it continuously delivered value to its customers, while marking it out as key player in a highly-competitive market.

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