Infosys inks pact with Gefco to digitize global operations

Software giant Infosys said it has signed a five-year agreement with top European automotive logistics company Gefco for the digitization of its global operations. Infosys said it will digitize the multi-modal supply chain solutions and support the digital transformation of the Paris-based logistics firm in the next five years.

In a statement, the IT company said it will help transform Gefco’s business application management services, and leverage its live enterprise suite to evolve into a digital native organization, with the digitization allowing Gefco to process information in real-time and helping it respond intelligently across the value chain.

Jean-Luc Galzi, Gefco chief information officer, said digital innovation in the supply chain sector is key to boosting its expertise and bringing value to its customers. Gefco, which designs smart, flexible solutions to meet supply-chain challenges across a wide spectrum of industries, operates in 47 countries and serves 300 destinations across the globe.

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