Sitel vows to support inclusivity in the workplace

Sitel Philippines again vowed to support inclusivity and diversity in the workplace during the recently held Philippine Financial Industry Pride’s (PFIP) Gala, where it served as a silver sponsor. The event gathered the country’s leading business brands, which pledged their commitment to providing equal opportunities and a safe environment for LGBTQ+ Filipino workers.

Jorelle Robles, culture and corporate communications senior manager at Sitel Phanz, said the company is committed to strengthening its diversity and inclusion policies and will team up with like-minded firms to learn from each other and to further improve and boost their existing programs. Robles added that Sitel has been a strong supporter and partner of PFIP for more than two years.

Haidee Enriquez, chief people officer at Sitel Phanz, said proof of Sitel’s commitment is the recent launch of its All is Well Total Rewards program, which offers benefits specifically for the members of its Pride Barkada and their dependents.

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