Outsourcing cuts costs and boosts competitivity labour secretary tells business forum

Outsourcing Cuts Costs and Boosts Competitivity Labour Secretary Tells Business Forum

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has urged the private sector to embrace outsourcing as a means of cutting costs and boosting competitivity. The remarks came in a speech by Silvestre Bello III to the Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors Inc (PALSCON), with the Labour secretary outlining his belief that outsourcing services was an effective way for organizations to cut staff costs and get an edge over the competition, emphasising that this would allow them to focus more on their core competencies.

He also noted that developing service contracting remained a priority and the government continued to see PALSCON as one of its key allies when it came to driving employment throughout the country. It was a partnership, he said, that would help reduce unemployment, increase national productivity and enhance the global competitiveness of the country’s workforce. Back in March, DOLE and PALSCON signed memorandum of agreement committing both parties to increase their engagement with jobseekers and expand the availability of labor market information in order to deliver on the government’s goal of maximising the available employment opportunities.

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