Personnel matter most in digital transformation – Wipro

Personnel Matter Most In Digital Transformation – Wipro

Businesses must manage the expectations of their employees and align leadership for a successful digital transformation, according to a survey by Wipro Digital, the digital services and consulting unit of global IT and consulting company Wipro. The survey among 1,400 C-suite leaders found that there are many barriers to digital transformation success, with 59% of executives naming inconsistent backing from leadership as a top concern. Other issues are the inability to train teams to change or adopt new technology, cited by 56% of respondents, and the need for improved alignment with stakeholders, cited by 54%.

The survey also revealed that the longer it takes an organization to transform digitally, the more likely it is that it will face technology-related challenges. While 14% of executives with digital transformation strategies less than two years old said technology is their biggest barrier, this figure rose to 26% for those whose strategies have been in place for more than two years. Rajan Kohili, president of Wipro Digital, urged leaders to align stakeholders and help their business units adapt to and leverage new technology as the payoff will come.

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