Property firm sees BPO sector expanding despite AI threat

Property Firm Sees BPO Sector Expanding Despite AI Threat

The Philippine BPO industry will experience further growth in the next 10 years despite the threat from artificial intelligence (AI), according to Leechiu Property Consultants. Co-founder and CEO David Leechiu explained that while AI and automation are expected to replace repetitive and low-skilled functions, it will take around 10 years before these present a “meaningful negative impact” in the BPO sector.

Leechiu pointed out that while such technology is available today, it would take firms three to five years to undergo a complete digital transformation. He added that companies will continue to outsource jobs to the Philippines even if they are using AI as it will take time for them to fully adopt the technology. While some companies have started reskilling their workforce to brace for the onset of AI, Rey Untal, president of the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), expressed his confidence in the new technology also being able to generate new jobs.

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