SYKES launches new AI chatbot, SARAH

SYKES launches new AI chatbot, SARAH

Business process outsourcing (BPO) firm SYKES recently launched its new chatbot, SYKES’ Automated Recruitment Assistant and HR Helpdesk (SARAH). SARAH will act as an intelligent online extension of the company’s HR Helpdesk.

SARAH makes communicating hassle-free by giving direct links to common concerns. It can instantly give the option to submit their application, see current job vacancies, view answers to frequently asked questions, and check their application status.

“As a leader in the contact center and BPO industry, we know the importance of addressing concerns promptly… With SARAH, people can expect that all of their concerns are addressed faster than before with no relevant information missed. We are especially proud to be able to do that in this crucial period in our fight against COVID-19,” said Lia Lynn Marcos, Human Resources, Senior Director, APAC.

SARAH will be accessible through the BPO company’s official Facebook page.

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