Tata’s CEO slams Trump’s work visa orders

Tata’s CEO slams Trump’s work visa orders

An American executive order on H-1B visas will only hit US firms badly, as it will prevent intra-company transfers by Indians who are working for American banks, automobile companies and pharmaceutical firms, warns Tata Consultancy Services CEO Rajesh Gopinathan.

Gopinathan said the executive order would end with the companies having to pay more in-hiring costs. The other suspended work visas are the H-4, which is used by the spouses of some people on H-1B visas; the H-2B for low-skilled workers; some J visas for cultural and education workers and the L-1 visa that allows intra-company transfers.

The order is made to ensure that Americans will have the first access to new job opportunities in the wake of the pandemic. It is projected to free up to 525,000 jobs.

“The ignorance around this ruling should be addressed. Playing with the status of people who’ve moved away from families and committed to spending five to six years in a foreign country without immigrant status to deliver value to customers, is a short-term gimmick,” said the Tata CEO.

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