Wells Fargo allows remote work post-pandemic

Wells Fargo allows remote work post-pandemic

Wells Fargo will allow the continuation of remote work even after the pandemic, according to an office-wide memo sent to its employees last Friday.

The American bank will provide flexible work arrangements for corporate, technology, operations, and call-center staff, although arrangements will vary by job type. 

Wells Fargo CEO Scott E. Powell wrote in the memo, “When we return, our schedules will mostly resemble our pre-pandemic working approach, with additional flexibility.”

According to the plan laid out by the company, corporate workers are expected to come back in October and spend a minimum of three days a week in the office, while the majority of technology workers will be given more options to work remotely.

Operations and call-center employees will be requested to go back to their offices on a rotational basis starting September. Branch workers will stay at their workplaces, which have largely stayed open during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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