29 firms join BPO Classics

A total of 29 large and small business process outsourcing (BPO) companies are participating in the 2016 BPO Classics that started 1 May. The BPO Classics is the country’s biggest BPO sports and lifestyle tournament that welcomes teams from both small and big outsourcing companies. The BPO Classics started only with 15 teams when it was first launched. Now the participation has nearly doubled, providing a fun-filled sporting event for BPO firms, said league commissioner Jensen Ilagan. The opening of the 2016 BPO Classics was held at the Treston International College in Taguig City. About 35 teams from 29 BPO companies are participating in the Men’s Basketball tournament, while 11 teams are competing in the Men’s Volleyball. Five teams are also competing in the Women’s Volleyball tournament.