72% support for new Call Center City in Cebu

Business groups have expressed interest in engaging in a multi-billion-dollar investment to build the proposed Call Center City at South Road Properties at no cost to the Cebu City Government. In a Facebook post last Tuesday, Mayor Tomas Osmeña said that based on their initial discussions, the investors said all they ask for in return is the income from the rentals for fast food outlets and convenience stores. “Call Center City will happen. It will probably be the last thing I do with my productive life,” he said. Although it will be cheaper for the city to build the project alone, Osmeña said he prefers to let the private sector take part to avoid complications with the Government Procurement Reform Act. The mayor said the BPO city is of “very high” priority because this will partially replace the City’s college scholarship program. Aside from making Cebu City have the most educated working professionals in the country and opening at least 150,000 job vacancies, Call Center City is aimed at helping the urban poor community as well.