Accenture ANZ cuts staff but confirms long-term commitment to region

Accenture ANZ Cuts Staff But Confirms Long-term Commitment to Region

Accenture is believed to have laid off up to 70 senior members of its Australia / New Zealand (ANZ) team. Although the Dublin-headquartered multi-national professional services provider has, to date, released no specific details of the cutbacks, they are said to be focused at the managing director level – a title equivalent to “partner” in comparable businesses – of which there were some 280 across its ANZ operations.

Despite the lack of specifics with regard to any redundancies, a company spokesperson did concede that it had “looked to rebalance” its workforce in the ANZ region, following a review that had “identified an overcapacity of skills in certain areas”. Maintaining that the move would only affect a very small proportion of its overall ANZ team, the spokesperson also emphasized that the company remained committed to its operations across the two markets in question, believing them to offer strong opportunities for future growth. It was also stated that Accenture ANZ will continues to hire workers with specialized skillsets and clear leadership ability in a number of defined client priority areas.

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