Accenture launches cloud optimization, evaluation and trialing resource

Accenture Launches Cloud Optimization, Evaluation and Trialing Resource

MyNav – a cloud platform designed to help businesses maximize the return on their current and future cloud technology investments – is the latest innovation on offer from Accenture. According to the Dublin-headquartered multinational professional services provider, the system gives businesses the means to design and trial a range of cloud solutions, allowing them to identify the one that perfectly matches their specific requirements.

Outlining how this works in practice, Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive of Accenture Technology Services, said the platform initially evaluates a range of variables, including a company’s technology infrastructure, core applications, data resources, operational model and desired business outcomes, before determining the optimum solution for its particular requirements. In terms of real-world advantages, he said myNav is set to play a key role in helping companies compete more effectively in today’s ever more data-driven, cloud-enabled economy, while emphasizing that it is the only platform to allow organizations to discover, assess, design and simulate end-to-end cloud solutions at scale. To date, Accenture is said to have supported 80% of the Fortune Global 100 companies across the world in the integration of cloud-computing resources into their overall workflow.

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