Philippines Senator proposes flexible working law to help counter traffic congestion

Philippines Senator Proposes Flexible Working Law To Help Counter Traffic Congestion

In light of the continuing deterioration in traffic conditions across the Philippines, senator Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. has proposed the introduction of a new law that would facilitate greater flexibility in terms of working hours. If adopted, the legislation would pave the way for employers to implement a variety of different work schedules, including a compressed work-week, which would see employees put in longer hours across fewer days, and flexi-holidays, an arrangement that would see some staff given the option of deferring their public holidays to different dates.

Expanding on the idea, Revilla said workers could have the opportunity to perform their duties off-site or, with the support of the latest technology, handle shifts that extended beyond the eight-hour norm without any deterioration in the quality of their work. He further maintained that a more flexible work schedule would help employees achieve a better work-life balance, ultimately making them more satisfied, motivated and productive. He also noted that the notion was not entirely new, with the Department of Labor and Employment having previously issued a series of related guidelines.

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