Accenture says global fintech investments hit record high in 2017

Global investment in financial technology ventures reached another all-time high in 2017, buoyed by a surge in funding for startups in the United States, United Kingdom and India, according to the latest report from Accenture. Financial technology (fintech) financing throughout the world rose 18% to USD27.4bn in the past year, with the value of deals in the US jumping 31% to USD11.3bn. Deal values almost quadrupled in the UK to top USD3.4bn and soared nearly fivefold in India to USD2.4bn. The number of fintech deals soared from just over 1,800 in 2016 to nearly 2,700 in 2017, as investors continued to scour the globe for innovation in insurance, banking, and capital markets startups, Accenture reported.