Attrition rate of staff in Cebu’s BPO industry dips

In what can be considered as a sign that business process outsourcing (BPO) industry workers in Cebu have already learned to love and value their jobs, the industry’s attrition rate has currently dipped to at least 40%, from as high as 60% in the past. This development, according to Jun Sa-a, executive director of the Cebu Educational Development and Information Technology Inc (Cedfit), reflects the maturity of the IT/BPO industry in Cebu. Sa-a said BPO workers in Cebu have already found the right company and realized that moving from one BPO company to another will not give them job security. Cebu currently has over 120,000 workers in the IT/BPO sector. Sa-a said the lower attrition rate means BPO companies no longer have to deal with the high cost of hiring, which was the common complain of the industry in the past. Cebu currently hosts 200 IT/BPO companies.