BPO firm Everise/C3 launches recruitment chatbot

EveriseC3 launches

Business process outsourcing (BPO) firm Everise/C3 announced the launch of Ana, the company’s first internally-developed recruitment chatbot, which it describes as game-changer for talent acquisition. Designed by C3 Lab, following the recent partnership between Everise/C3 and Microsoft to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for the BPO industry, Ana will aid in talent acquisition for Everise/C3. Ana will support recruitment for Everise/C3 by answering questions 24/7, in a conversational tone. Incorporating memes and GIFs, Ana will address a broad range of queries, without overwhelming applicants with too much information, while enabling quicker navigation and thereby reducing time. Everise/C3 said Ana reflects the company’s continuing evolution into a technology-driven BPO firm.

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