Outsourcing as the top employer in the Philippines


The business process outsourcing sector is officially the nation’s top employer, according to JobStreet.com. The jobs portal estimates that 38% of the Filipino workforce is employed by this sector.

IT professionals make the most money at P37,034 per year. However, this is for junior professionals. A supervisor in the same business vertical gets to take home P68,723 a year on average. Legal and legal services professionals earn P29,430 in a year; while training and development professionals make P27,253.

Those involved with providing banking and financial services earn P27,188. Actuarial science and statistics experts are eligible for P27,064 a year.

A lot of attention has been paid to whether the United States will cease to offshore jobs to the Philippines. The Philippine Institute for Development Studies, a Government think tank, is of the opinion that Australia, another country closer to home, could lead the next wave of outsourcing.

Apart from the lower costs and a highly-skilled talent pool, a must for any destination, the Philippines is on the same time zone as 40% of Australia. This geographical advantage could be just what turns the tide in the Philippines’ favor.