BPO sector has most employment in the country


According to JobStreet.com, 38% of Filipino workers are employed by the business process outsourcing sector.

Because the BPO workforce encompasses multiple skills across various domains, the data looks at each one separately.

IT professionals are among the highest-paid in the country. A junior-level employee, on average, makes around P37,034; while his/her supervisor would earn roughly P68,723 every year. Legal professionals (this includes those who provide legal services at BPOs) make P29,430. Those involved in training and development take home P27,253 every year.

Banking and financial services professionals earn P27,188 per annum. Those who deal with numbers, or in other words, those whose specialty is actuarial science and statistics, make P27,064 a year.

The Philippine Institute for Development Studies, a think tank, has found that Australian companies prefer the Philippines for outsourcing. This is because of the local talent pool available, the cost advantage offered by the Philippines, and a closer time zone.

Australia has three major time zones, and one of them (this applies to 40% of Australia) is the same as Manila. Even the farthest time zone for the mainland is only a couple of hours ahead.