Businesses urged to upskill workers to prepare for AI – Accenture

man and machine

There is a need to upscale the skills of business process outsourcing (BPO) workers, given the advent of artificial intelligence, according to Accenture Philippines. Companies should ensure truth and privacy in collected data and retool their workforce so that they can work with AI, said Accenture Philippines managing director Lito Tayag. BPO workers are facing threats, which could lessen employment opportunities—particularly when it comes to tasks that can now be done by software. Tayag said businesses must acknowledge the increasing impact of AI on human lives and must adapt to new technologies and integrate them to complement the workforce. The industry is divided on the impact of AI: some analysts have expressed concern that AI will replace the majority of jobs in call centers, whereas other experts take the view that AI will complement current business operations and create new work opportunities.

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