Cebu architecture industry booms from BPO-driven real estate growth

A thriving real estate industry in Cebu has led to a big growth in the architecture industry, according to architect Loloy Castro, past president of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP)-Sugbu Chapter, told Cebu Daily News in an interview. Castro said architects are being tapped by real estate developers to handle all their design requirements. He added that homegrown architects are starting to show strong competitiveness and pursuit of design excellence. Cebu’s big architectural companies include ArchiGlobal, Arkinamix, and Canizares Architects. Cebu-based Goudie Associates is looking at finding real-estate clients based in Cebu, mainly business process outsourcing firms, corporate offices, condominiums, and hotels, to expand its revenue stream. Goudie Associates sees continuing potential in the BPO sector, in that the more the sector grows, the more likely they will have Cebu-based clients.