Convergys Hugyaw launched as the biggest BPO multi-event in Cebu



The biggest BPO event in Cebu was launched by Convergys: Hugyaw 2017. This is a month-long program for Convergys’ 13,000 employees in Cebu. This is an event where all 8 sites come together to showcase their talents Hugyaw mirrors Convergys’ dominance and leadership as the country’s largest BPO.

The opening ceremonies was held at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation. Their Cebu executives unveiled the plan for Hugyaw. For the entire month of May, employees engage in various activities and participate in a community outreach program.

Alvin Laxa, Senior Director of Operations said “Hugyaw is one of the many ways by which we show our teamwork and appreciation for our employees. We want them to enjoy, share their passions, build camaraderie and memories of fun experiences in and out of the workplace. The vibrance and energy of Cebu is demonstrated in Hugyaw, and it is inspiring to see all our centers here as one united team, one solid Cebu family.”

Cebu is Convergys’ 2nd largest location in the Philippines.

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