Datamatics wins digital technology award

Datamatics wins digital technology award
Datamatics wins digital technology award

Global IT and BPM company Datamatics Global Services Ltd. announced that it received significant recognition at the IMC Digital Technology Awards 2018. The firm was awarded the Excellence in Emerging Technology category for TruBot, its robotic process automation product, and TruAI, its artificial intelligence platform. The innovative and future-oriented products are a great advancement in the banking sector, as they help automate processes and detect fraud. TruBot is a multi-skilled and versatile bot that automates a range of repetitive and rule-based procedures without the need for manual intervention. TruAI, meanwhile, is a comprehensive AI platform that companies can use for text and data mining, as well as pattern detection, helping enterprises gather intelligence from high volumes of structured, unstructured, and multi-structured data from various sources. The IMC Awards recognize achievements in all areas of the IT industry. These are created to celebrate innovations through technological products, solutions, and applications that can help transform business.

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