Davao ICT players to visit BPO firms in China

Davao ICT players

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Davao is sending a team of stakeholders to China next year to visit prominent Chinese business process outsourcing firms. The plan is to make a fact-finding visit to BPO firms in Dalian and Beijing to better improve Davao City’s attractiveness to BPO investors. Chinese firms have cornered most of outsourcing services for the Japanese market and ICT Davao wants to learn how these companies do it. ICT Davao president Samuel Matunog said they want to observe how BPO firms in China are training the Chinese to become competent speakers in Japanese, English, Spanish and other languages. China has a language university that trains workforces to be more proficient in foreign languages. He said the Philippines needs to invest in talent development to create a workforce that can also engage Japanese clients in both voice and non-voice services.

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