DICT head threatens to resign if 3rd telco selection delayed anew

DICT head

Eliseo Rio Jr., acting secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), is increasingly frustrated with government delays in the selection of a new major telco player. He has threatened to resign during the next oversight committee meeting on Friday if he cannot convince a majority of its members to choose the DICT’s draft selection rules, which have garnered strong support from industry stakeholders and the general public. The oversight committee, which is composed of representatives from the DICT, DOF, Office of the Executive Secretary and the National Security Council, is set to meet this Friday, July 20, to discuss the voting results. The DICT is still targeting to name a new telco challenger within 2018. Businesses in the country, including those in the business process outsourcing sector, have been pushing hard for new telco players to improve the country’s internet speed.

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