Employer tech investments change hiring practices

Employer Tech Investments Change Hiring Practices

Technology investments by private and mid-market companies are changing how they compete for talent, according to the Deloitte Private 2019 Technology Trends report. The report found that 72% of executives consider reskilling workers as a key strategy to compete in the fierce talent market, with 500 leaders saying they are especially interested in artificial intelligence. Talent needs are fueling digital transformation in companies, with 68% of firms considering hiring people with the right skills for emerging technology, the report said.

About 54% are reskilling workers and 52% are revising jobs to integrate people and machines, in anticipation of changes in marketing, sales and supply chain jobs. The report also showed that HR leaders saw a 12% rise in the skills gap last year, partly due to changing needs precipitated by new technology and the shortage of qualified talent. Deloitte urged companies to address the talent shortage by investing in upskilling new and existing staff to create a workforce that will cover their present and future needs.

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