Global Healthcare Billing To Expand Workforce

A doctor's workplace

Medical billing and coding firm Global Healthcare Billing Partners Private Ltd. has announced it will hire more employees and build a 1,000-seat facility within the next six months in India. Vishal Jain, president, said the company plans to double its employee headcount in the next three to five years, and is eyeing some Fortune 500 firms in the US and West Asia to boost its annual growth so it can meet its targets. Vishal also said the company is striving to reduce errors by developing new tools, and using a lot of artificial intelligence and robotic processes for quality control measures.

The healthcare billing BPO has offices in India, the Philippines and the US, but only services US-based clients. Vishal explained that Global Healthcare’s insurance model works best in the US, which has a very well-developed insurance market. He stressed the need for transparency in processing claims and the expansion of insurers’ base and claim limits. However, he explained that the US model does not suit the Indian market, and they need to adopt a mixed approach when catering to local needs in the future.

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