Great Opportunity to PH for Outsourcing

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According to a study by the PIDS (Philippine Institute for Development Studies), Filipino graduates and professionals may find excellent job opportunities in the SME micro-outsourcing market in Australia. This is because the nature of the work typically demands the delivery of high-level professional services.

The policy note released by the PIDS suggests that Australian companies are representative of an expanding and important BPO market. The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) calculates that as of 2015, 12 percent of the BPO Filipino workforce or 150,000 workers, are hired by Australian companies in the Philippines.

Under the micro-offshoring module, Australian SMEs are able to outsource those processes to the Philippines which were formerly handled in house. This helps them cut costs without having to address the conventional transaction expenses related to offshoring strategies.

Similarly, it also allows these companies to acquire expertise in managing operations in the Philippines with comparatively fewer upfront costs. According to the PIDS report, the SME sector in Australia offers a huge current and prospective market for several of the micro-offshoring services that are being offered by the BPO firms in the Philippines.