High-skilled tasks present real opportunity for IT-BPM growth

Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) president Jonathan De Luzuriaga said the real opportunity for IT-BPM growth lies in mid-skilled and high-skilled tasks. With this, De Luzuriaga said there is a huge need to upgrade low-skilled employees to mid-skilled workers and mid-skilled workers to high-skilled employees. He said the industry needs people who have strong analytical skills and a strong grasp of logical reasoning. The drivers of growth in the Philippines are its cost competitiveness, service-oriented culture and growing market demand, De Luzuriaga said. He dispelled the notion that the IT-BPM industry will be affected by the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential race. De Luzuriaga added that the figure projected by the Road Map 2022 will not be achieved if talents are not developed.