Human Labor Still Relevant Amid New Technology – DTI

Human Labor Still Relevant Amid New Technology – DTI

The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) believes that new technology will not lead to job losses but will instead create opportunities to increase productivity and generate new high-paying jobs for Filipinos. DTI secretary Ramon Lopez said technology results in innovation and new ways of doing things, adding that it is critical in improving efficiencies and productivity. Lopez pointed out that the country should be prepared to keep up with this phase of industrialization, that companies should embrace innovation to remain competitive and that Filipino workers must engage in upskilling and retraining activities to remain relevant.

Currently, there are many schools and training centers that offer programs integrating new skillset requirements. At the same time, many companies conduct retraining and capacity building programs and apprenticeship opportunities. According to the trade secretary, the human labor market will continue to be needed even with the presence of robots and mechanization. Lopez also said that the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the BPO industry could benefit both the industry and the workers, as it allows the workers to raise their competitiveness in performing tasks while AI enables faster task completion and fewer errors.

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