IBM says AI-based jobs will be ‘hot’ in the future


Jobs that have evolved due to the adoption of artificial intelligence by companies will be the hot jobs of the future, according to IBM ASEAN general manager Patricia Yim. These new jobs, which she refers to as “new collar jobs” require new skills related to automation or AI and will make some of the existing occupations irrelevant in the future. To prepare for the future, Yim said workers and students should equip themselves with new skills, including soft skills and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) background. New collar jobs include those dealing with security, such as security analysts, and those related to analytics. Other new collar jobs are those dealing with cloud computing which paves the way for new business models and those connected with blockchain technology and AI, Yim said. While automation and AI will replace some workers, the IBM executive said these will also generate new jobs.

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